Sunday, October 18, 2009

From hot to not

Yesterday we went out to dinner. The location was very promising and we had been there before. Some time ago a new owner took over this wonderful restaurant and we were really curious to check it out. The building is an old convent and is just absolutely beautiful and unique. Lots of parking space, a great view and a very exciting place.
But what a disappointment dinner was... The menu was unique and the dishes looked delicious. Until we asked for our beverages. No port... bummer for hubby. Okay, we had two wines instead. One full glass and one that wasn't even filled for 1/4.
We were looking forward to a special appetizer and I picked an eggplant-feta dish. Sorry..we ran out.. Hubby asked for home made shrimp croquettes. Sorry..not tonight. Hhmhmhm... My second choice was goat cheese and hubby had the smoked salmon. No seasoning of any kind, no bread, no dressing, no nothing. Not even a drink to accompany our dishes.
Almost an hour later (there were only 6 people in the restaurant, so I have no idea what took them so long), we finally got our main courses. Hubby had eel with a plain salad, without any kind of dressing or seasoning. I had grilled tuna with dry rice and ratatouille without any tomato sauce. It was just so dry and not interesting at all.
The waitress asked how dinner was and told us we could also tell her if we didn't like it. So we told her. Hey, what did you expect? It's not that the restaurant was cheap or so?!
We were really surprised to hear that the chef thought we were too demanding. After all, this is not a restaurant, but a simple diner. Hello? I don't think 90 euros is cheap for a diner?
The waitress was willing to offer us coffee on the house, but she was not allowed to.

We were disappointed. Really. What a shame for such a nice location. The waitress informed us that the chef was not the best chef around. We should come back on a Friday evening, when the regular chef is around. I don't think so. From hot to .. not!

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