Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm hooked

I'm really hooked on this Continuous Glucose Monitoring. It's been my third day now, and I have learned so much by now. If only I could buy this sensor, it would really ameliorate my life. It gives you a real safe feeling, knowing that the monitor will warn you when you go low or tend to go high. It stimulates you to pay even more attention to what you eat and you can observe the effects of the food or your activities on the screen. What an invention. This is worth more to me than any I-Phone, Flatscreen TV or Wii. It is expensive, but it improves the quality of a life. Isn't our body our number one priority? As long as one's healthy, one is not really concerned about life and death, being healthy or sick. But once you get a chronic disease, you realize how precious life is and how important it is to take care of yourself. I would like to thank the researchers for looking into this matter and helping us out the way they do. Hopefully sometime soon, there will be some kind of reimbursement for this product, so many diabetics will get the chance to benefit from it. In particular, my mind and heart goes out to young children, who do not have the means to tell their parents they're not feeling well. The sensor might be a great help to them. I also think of people who don't feel the difference between good glucose levels and low levels. It might help them so much to prevent hazardous situations.

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