Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bling to the max

They persuaded us.... I never thought I would give in, because I believe they are too young to own an iPod, but they promised me they would take care of it and they would save their allowance to buy it. Lana bought hers today and Eva's is coming in on Thursday. The broad smile on their faces expresses pure happiness. I remember my first walkman and how impressed I was. We recorded songs from the radio and we were real busy doing so. I guess MP3's, MP4's and iPods are the walkman of this time and who are we to stop them from saving up for one? As long as they are careful with it and respect the value of their device. You know what startles me? That they need no manual to explain them how things work. It's so natural to them, to start up a new device, like they have never done anything else. I'm glad they are good at it, because I'm a total nitwit when it comes to electronica.
They bought the iPod Touch 8GB V3 and I hope they will enjoy it!

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