Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love is a battlefield

Love is wonderful, love is magic, love is pure. Sometimes love is hard to find.. Many of my friends are disappointed in love, in marriage, in friendship and relations. Do we expect too much? Are we too difficult? Have women become too demanding when it comes to love? Maybe men can't keep up with the changes modern women have gone through. In the old days, few women had a voice. They didn't have a job, they had loads of kids, they were there to satisfy and please their husband and feed the family. Times have changed. Women work, they decide on the number of children they will or won't have, they have friends, hobbies and they are interested in sports. I can imagine this being very confusing to men. Looking at their parents and grandparents, this is not the way they were raised. So yes, I believe it's hard on them and they no longer know what their position in the household is. They used to be the provider in the house. Now many men share this position with their wife, and in some families women make more money than their husbands. It must be so confusing to all men out there. Women no longer need men to protect them and their offspring. They do pretty well on their own.
But what hasn't changed: women need to be loved... They enjoy the male attention and they like to be flirted with. They still want to be the pray, not the hunter. Love is a battlefield..

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