Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Once you have children, your group of friends may change. It's like you have upgraded to a different level. At least, that has been my experience. You have friends to have momversations with, and you have your other friends, who have no children. It's good to have a chat now and then, with other moms. They know what it's like if babies vomit over your new outfit, they know what it's like to get up 3 times at night, they know how funny it is to feed your baby its first mixed fruit. They enjoy looking at the pictures of your offspring and they cheer for your toddler at his first day at school. You have momversations whenever you drive your children to whatever classes they take after school, whether it is ballet or soccer, you always have other moms to talk to.
And then the children grow up, and they choose different schools in different cities and the momversations get more rare. Your children are getting more independent and you can relax some more.. But for how long? I know they will start dating somewhere soon and they will go out on week-ends with their friends. Then the momversations are most certain to come back!

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