Thursday, October 22, 2009

The nagging wife

Having a talk with my girlfriends, it came to the forbidden "husband" subject. What is it about women, that they always end up talking about their husbands? Do you think men talk about their wives in the same way we talk about them? I don't think so... It's quite shameful how we women can nag about our men. It's not that we don't love them or don't appreciate them, it's just so natural for women to complain about their husbands. You would lose your credibility if you would not nag about your husband. As if..!
I wonder why wives nag about their husbands. Are they unhappy? Are they seeking attention? Or is it because women just like to nag? Women can talk about their husbands all day. They tell similar stories, they nod when the others reveal their darkest secrets. Do you know what I'm anxious to know? What the heck do men talk about, when they have a guy's night out? Cars? Money? Sports? Women? I suspect they talk about women, but do they talk about their wives? I don't think so.. I think they like to brag about former girlfriends, but I don't think they will share secret information about them and their wives. Please men, help me out! What do you talk about???

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