Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I goofed up

This morning, I wanted to insert a new sensor into my tummy. Everything was ready to do so and things went real smooth. No bleeding, not any problem at all. So I left for my lunch date, driving off to Antwerp. An hour and a half after I had shot the sensor, my insulin pump gave me the BAD SENSOR alarm. Duh! How did that happen? I tried to start it up again, but it refused and kept giving me the same alarm. So I called a help line (lol, this is like playing Jeopardy on TV). My friend is also testing the sensors and she has had this same alarm on two occasions the other week. Her hospital gave her two free sensors in return for the two she screwed up. She did the best she could to help me out, so I would be able to start it up again, but unfortunately it didn't work out. I called the representative of my insulin pump and he did the best he could, but it was no use. The sensor gave up and it was dead... bummer... That means that 45 euros are wasted. I'm not happy with that at all!
So I called the hospital if I could pick up some new sensors, since I was in the neighborhood anyway. That was no problem, but nobody is going to reimburse me for the bad sensor...

I'll try inserting another one tomorrow, after work. We'll see how that goes.

After all, I had a fun day at the mall with my friends. We didn't get to do any shopping. Too busy chitchatting, having lunch and coffees!

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