Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old habits

Just like you, I happen to have old habits, that I don't even think of anymore. We have become so acquainted with our own awkward way of handling things, that it has become normal to us. Some rituals - like putting on your socks in a certain way - are so weird, that I ask myself: why am I so rigid in these habits? I have thought about it and I have come up with quite some wacko habits:

* folding sandwiches in a certain way
* hanging up the laundry: socks with socks, then underwear, T-shirts, shirts, pants,.. I could not hang socks in between shirts for example
* I don't like it when people touch you whenever they talk to you
* filling up the car with gas, is something I keep postponing, until I nearly run out
* filling up the car with gas, I always want round numbers, like 65 euro. I would never fill it up until like 64,34 euro!
* I can't remember the plots of movies or books. So I can read/watch them over and over again
* I have my mouth wide open when I apply my mascara
* I can't stand a different handwriting in my notes
* I will never sit in a restaurant or bar with my back towards the door. I want to see who comes in
* I hate backseat drivers, telling you to slow down or warning you for that biker crossing the road
* I don't like it when people keep explaining things over and over, although they know you get it
* I will not use a wash cloth that's already wet. I just need a fresh one
* coat hangers need to face the same direction: backwards
* I don't answer private phone calls
* If I watch a cooking show on TV, I want to make the recipes right away

And how about you?

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