Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Schoolyard sweetheart

I received a letter this morning, from my former high school in Roeselare. They are planning a reunion in November. A list of all our class mates is included and it's great to read those names again. We graduated 20 years ago.. but it seems like yesterday. Some class mates I don't really remember, but others are still pretty clear in my head. I had some friends I was closer with and of course, there was my schoolyard sweetheart. There weren't many boys in our school in those days. In fact there were only two and both of them happened to attend our class. He was cute and he was attractive and all the girls were crazy about him. And so was I. We hung out for a while and we got along pretty well.
I got in touch with him again, on Facebook. He finally married the girl he already loved back then and they are really happy together. They make a great couple. Just like me, he has two children.

I wonder how many people will show up. I remember the last reunion, no more than 7 people of our class showed up. It was a shame, because it's always great to talk about the old days and our adventures in school. After all, we spent 3 years together and we were teens. What more need I say?

I'm not sure if I'll attend the reunion this time. I will pay the contribution and we'll see.

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