Tuesday, October 27, 2009

V-Jay Jay

Whoever came up with the word "vulva" or "vagina", probably never realised how loaded these words were. I remember an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, where this young boy states: boys have a penis and girls have a vagina... Ouch... it sounds so weird, hearing it out of the mouth of such a young child. I always wondered how I would call "it" when I had children of my own. We have two girls and it is still awkward to talk to them about sexuality. I never speak of a vulva or a vagina, when I refer to their private parts. We have a special name for it. We call it our PP-bum. I did like the V-Jay Jay word out of Grey's Anatomy, when Dr Miranda Bailey was about to give birth to her son. Dr O'Malley was helping Dr Bailey and looking at her son's crown when it was coming out of the birthing canal, when Miranda yelled: Stop staring at my V-Jay Jay! I just loved that! What a great word that was! I hear Oprah use it now and then and it sounds much more fun and pleasant than the "old" words. I hear people give their private parts a special name. I wonder what your special name is.. I won't tell you mine though!

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