Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Verbal abuse

Bullies have a very good nose for easy victims. They know where to find sensitive kids. They can smell the anxiety of the kid they pick on. The bully can smell the perfect victim. They know which kid they can upset or get angry. If the victim doesn't stand up for himself, it is time to get help. There have been numerous suicides amongst young victims and the kids that are prepared to step out of this life, have become younger than ever. What is happening to our world, that children feel the need to call their peers "fag", "gay", "lesbian", "whore",.. ? Why would they call them bad names and pick on those kids until they kill themselves? I heard about two 11 yo's (E-LE-VEN!!) that committed suicide after being constantly picked on by some kids at school. They would punch them, call them names, beat them up,.. until the kids were ready to give up.
It's our job to protect our own personal space, by using words like STOP or by using body language. 50% of the bullies stop their actions if the victim stands up for himself. We should really teach our children to take care of themselves. They should have a voice and learn to say NO when things are getting out of control. They don't have to be the victim, they have every right to protect their private space. Don't rely on the school to fix the problems for your child. Step up and give your child the chance to become more assertive. They can only benefit from it.
Some parents go to the principal to talk about their child being bullied. Is that a good idea or is it only going to make the bully more aggressive? As long as the bullied child doesn't stand up for itself, things will not get better. The bullying may become more aggressive in the beginning, so the school needs to step in here and help the child. The bullying may go on outside the school. Think of cyber bullies, that intervene in the safe home environment of the picked on child. The bullies need help too. They need someone to help them become better people. Bystanders need to stand up for the victims, they need to speak up and help the child that is being bullied. It may mean a world of difference.

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