Monday, November 23, 2009

A cry for help

It's the end of the year, the dark season has begun. Here and there I see Christmas ornaments in the windows of several shops and Christmas tunes jingle through the loud speakers. December is the family month. Many people look forward to this time of the year. To some others, it's sheer hell. They dread the Holidays, they fear the loneliness. They cry for help, but nobody seems to hear them. They are so desperately seeking for love and attention, that the only way out for them, is suicide.. It keeps me busy, to know why people want to take their own life. Isn't it sad that some people are so lonely that it's even better to end their life? Have they suffered so much that they can't take any more? It's sad.. it really is. A friend of mine has attempted to commit suicide on several occasions. She always made it. So maybe, just maybe, there was always someone out there who did care. But what if nobody cares? What if they miss your text message or death signal? Or what if you don't tell anyone how lonely and depressed you are? Because that happens too. You must have heard it before, that parents had no idea their son or daughter was depressed to the point that they couldn't deal with it anymore. Some of these victims leave a message for their loved ones, others just don't, leaving their survivors with oh so many questions. Why? Why now?
I hear some people call them cowards, for stepping out of this life. I don't think it's up to us to judge. I believe people can get so depressed that they truly don't see a way out. Some of them commit suicide all by themselves, others make it even more dramatic by getting hit by a train or jump of a bridge, where so many other people can get hurt as well. Is there a good way to end your life? I don't know.. it will always be painful to the beloved ones that stay behind, no matter what the suicide manner was.
A young student in nursing school tried to slit his wrists over a bucket in his dorm. While he was doing so, he texted a friend. That boy was alarmed by the text message and he and his father rushed over to the dorm to save the student..
The next day, another student, hung herself in that same dorm. She had sent her mother a text message "sorry" in the middle of the night, knowing that she wouldn't read it till the next morning. She didn't want to be found. She wanted to escape from this world. She wrote her family a farewell letter. I hope they will find peace and time to mourn over the loss of this young girl. She had a whole life ahead of her, but that's apparently not the way she saw it..

Let's think about these young lives, that have been taken. I never believe they want to die, I believe they no longer want to feel the pain they're experiencing. If someone is depressed, take them seriously. Get help and surround that person with love. It may be their last day.. When have you last told your beloved ones how much you care?
You don't have to call 911, this post was not autobiographical.


Upje said...

Ooit zei eens iemand tegen mij: Mensen die zelfmoord plegen, willen niet uit hét leven stappen, maar wel uit dít leven.

Die woorden zijn me altijd bijgebleven. Ze zijn zó waar ... .

Toch ben ik het niet helemaal met je eens dat mensen met liefde omringen de oplossing is. Sóms gaat het om eenzame mensen, maar heel vaak zijn er wél vrienden en familie en anderen die om de persoon in kwestie geven en hem/haar dat duidelijk laten weten. Maar dat blijkt dan toch niet genoeg te zijn ... . (Of het wil maar niet doordringen, dat gebeurt helaas ook veel te vaak :s).

Mooie blog, Cathy. *knuf*

Bittersweet said...

Dat was inderdaad een rake uitspraak Upje. Ik geloof ook niet dat de meerderheid die zelfmoord wil plegen, echt dood wil. Maar ze willen niet langer de pijn voelen die ze voelen..

Ik vind het vooral belangrijk om deze mensen nog altijd graag te zien, wat hun keuze ook mag zijn. Als je er helemaal alleen voor staat, als iedereen je laat vallen... Iedereen maakt fouten en iedereen verdient een tweede kans. En een derde..