Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everybody wants to rule the world

I guess I should be proud that a Flemish politician is going to be the leader of Europe. This older, bald, spectacle wearing man is going to represent Europe in the best way he can. I have the feeling that the British population was not really waiting for him. Or at least, regarding to the video they have shown on their news channel... Big and Betsy is not exactly a great representation of what Belgium is about. They could have done worse, by showing Marc Dutroux on the tape, but still.. A farting pig in a Flemish cartoon.. I don't know. It's kind of insulting to the Flemish population, don't you think so?

It's going to be up to Herman Van Rompuy (Hair-man ?? LOL) to show Europe that he's capable of being a good leader. Everybody wants to rule the world, but ruling Europe may be a good thing to begin with. Okay, he's not as goodlooking as Obama and he doesn't have the charm of Bill Clinton, but who says he needs this kind of flair to be smart and venturesome? Maybe we should encourage him rather than undermine his personality? After all, he's Flemish and we should be proud of him.

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