Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dudes and chicks

What happened with boys and girls? Was something wrong with that? In any TV show, you will hear youngsters call their friends dudes and chicks. I think "dude" is kinda cool. "Chick" on the other hand, doesn't sound that respectful. To me, it sounds cheap and disrespectful and vulgar. If you call a girl a chick, it's like she has no meaning to you whatsoever. Like she's an airhead. Not of any importance. Someone you chew on and spit out afterwards. Not someone you would like to call your girlfriend.

Dude on the other hand is cool. Not that I would call hubby a "dude", just because he isn't one. Dudes are cool and wear baggy pants and hooded sweaters and they have at least two tattoos and probably stretchers in their ears. They shave their heads and are not afraid to experiment. That's what a dude's like to me.
But then again, my brother-in-law calls his little son: "dude" and I must admit: he looks like a dude. He's cool, but all the other "symptoms" don't go for him. He's just a great kid and I love to see him hang out with his daddy. I guess you could call both of them dudes. LOL.

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