Saturday, November 7, 2009

Excellent timing

It was great seeing you! We hadn't seen each other in approximately 4 months, but that's no problem. We easily pick up where we left off last time we saw one another. It was good to have a talk with you and I'm glad your husband liked my Indian dish. I know it was not traditionally cooked - how could it be, I'm Flemish after all - and the combination was probably not correct either, but I could tell he liked it. He was hungry after all!
We had a pleasant evening and so much to discuss. You looked great! Still a little crazy, but aren't we all? I'm glad we can laugh a lot when we go out and enjoy a good meal. You always make me laugh when you ask me even before I leave: so when will I see you again???? Trust me, we'll see each other some time very soon.

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