Saturday, November 14, 2009

He saw the light

You are truly amazing! I have so much respect for your creativity it makes me humble. What a great guy you are and how lucky am I to be your friend. I have introduced you to a couple of friends who are very dear to me. They have bought a wonderful house and needed some help to decorate it. You were the first person that crossed my mind. And I knew you would do a great job. They love you already!! No wonder, because you have done so much work for them so far. They came to see your home interior this Thursday and they were gobsmacked! That didn't surprise me at all. I have seen your talent and you keep amazing people. The ooh's and the aah's are very common words when people enter your unique interior. I wish you could decorate our second floor. I know you would do such a great job, as you did on the first floor. I love you pal! You rock!

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