Sunday, November 15, 2009

Try to be butch

I have gay friends and I have no problems with people's sexual preference at all. It's pretty common now for men (even straight men) to acknowledge their femininity. They no longer have to be real studs and they can show emotions. Women like softer men, that are not afraid to shed a tear and rip apart a kleenex box, or laugh loudly wetting their undies while watching a romantic comedy. Some men are too soft though. They are skinny, have a very feminine look and are just way too soft. They can have the best personality ever, I would still ask them to try to be a little more butch. Manscara, guyliner, messenger bags, earring, fancy shoes,.. no problem. As long as they don't overdo it. I'm not really in to skinny men. I remember finishing a relationship with a wonderful man that was too skinny and not butch at all. He was just too feminine, although he was a great guy. I need some flesh on those bones okay?


Anonymous said...

David Beckham?

Bittersweet said...

he's still okay. And good looking. But not my type.