Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A life stylist

I promised myself a total make-over in 2010. It won't be at the beginning of the year, but probably by fall. I'm really looking forward to that. Maybe I should hire a life stylist. Not only to go through my dresser, but also to take a glance at my inside. I'm sure I could use some extra confidence in me. I want someone to teach me to hold my head high, to straighten my shoulders and walk with pizzaz. I want that someone to teach me to walk with the soundtrack of my life in my mind. I shouldn't worry what the perception of the world towards me is. I cannot control how I am perceived. I can only control how I am presented. I'm confident that life stylist is out there, somewhere. We just have to run in to one another.
I'm getting ready to pick a mirror in life and love myself for who I am. I'm learning to be proud of me and not to be afraid to show myself. Selfworth is so important in your education. If people enjoy to humiliate you and pull you down, it affects you on the long term. I would like to teach my children that they are more than okay. They don't have to live up to someone else's standards, to be special. They are special! And that's exactly what I tell them: that they are unique and special and most of all: loved..

So if that life stylist is in the neighborhood, please help me out rearranging my closet. Because I will need some new basics.

* a basic black dress
* a trench coat
* a sweat suit alternative
* classic dress pants
* a going out to dinner - dress
* three different heights of shoes, at least
* a pair of jeans
* a classy white dress shirt
* a skirt, to the knee
* a dress you could wear to work

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