Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My eyes are glowing

I was cleaning up the clutter room upstairs, when I found an envelope full of old pictures. It was a delight to go through them. It surprised me though, that with almost every picture of me, I thought: was this before I was diagnosed with D, or some time later? In some pictures, my eyes were really glowing. I could tell I felt real good in that period of my life. I think I'm gonna keep those pictures in my wallet. Just to remind me about good times and forgotten memories. I have this thing with pictures you know. My pictures are the only material item I would want to take along if my house were to burn down (well, maybe I would also try to take the Kenwood and some cookbooks). There are so many stories behind pictures. One silly picture can bring you back in time, to relive those days. I cherish my pictures. I used to spend a lot of time making photo books. I don't know why I have stopped. Maybe I should start again..

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