Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My life saver!

I'm still wearing the Continue Glucose Monitoring system(CGM), to help me get better control of my blood sugars. It has been a true life saver for me so far. Most of the time I can tell if my BG drops or rises. But sometimes I'm too busy doing something that needs my concentration, that I forget to focus on how I feel. That's where the sensor comes in handy.
I was in the car with my employer. We were chitchatting, the radio was on, it was just pouring out there and I was wearing two sweaters and a winter coat. I must have ignored the first alarm sounds somehow, because all of a sudden, my insulin pump made a constant high noise. Alarm! But what kind of alarm? I didn't feel low?? I read my sensor and it said: 51 mg/dl. That's already too low, if you keep in mind that the sensor is 20 minutes behind on the actual reading. So I grabbed my purse, looked for my meter (you can never find it when you need it) and checked my glucose levels. A pathetic 35 mg/dl... Hhmhm.. So both sensor and meter confirmed hypoglycaemia, although I didn't feel it. I had a box of chocolate milk (I keep those treats in my purse for special occasions like sugar lows..) and one unit of pure powdered dextrose. We were already at the hairdresser (that's where we were headed to) when I had the dextrose. It made me smile. I saw the glass tables near the mirrors and I almost asked for a straw to sniff my portion of cocaine. I behaved, I behaved, don't worry. But I wonder: do you think one could sniff dextrose? What would it do to you? Blow your brains out?

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