Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My very own survival kit

I have my very own survival kit in the car. I know it's sitting under the driver's seat and it's a safe feeling to have it there. I need it in case of an emergency. I think of a fire in the house, an accident, an unexpected outing. Once in a while, I need to replace some items, but most of the time it's complete. So this is what I keep in my survival kit:

* glucose tablets and glucose gel
* blood glucose meter, strips and a pen and needles to poke my fingers
* catheters and reservoirs for my pump
* inserting device for the catheter
* band aids
* a pen and paper
* a couple of syringes
* prescriptions for my insulin (I can't store insulin in the car, because it needs to be cooled)
* a mini can of regular coke
* a battery for both my pump and my meter
* emergency phone numbers
* snacks

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