Sunday, November 22, 2009

A real riot

The girls were ready to watch the Junior Eurovision Songcontest. They were big fans of the Belgian contestant Laura and the Dutch singer Ralf. They were so thrilled to see how well Laura did. Laura was real confident and she did absolutely great! What a star she is! The title of her song was: Zo verliefd - Madly in love.
The different European countries were ready to vote and the girls were sitting at the end of their seats, screaming, cheering and shouting for every point Laura deserved. And the other countries must have loved her, because they gave her very good points. Not enough, if I listen to the comments of my daughters. But nevertheless, she's the first Flemish girl to get scores that high in the Junior Eurovision Songcontest. I'm so thrilled about Laura's achievement, that I nearly forget to tell you who really won: the Dutch singer Ralf! with the song: Click Clack. Smart move, to sing in sounds. Most anybody can sing along. Congratulations Ralf! You were the best (at least, you would have been the best if it weren't for Laura).

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Upje said...

Ik vond ook dat één van die twee moest winnen. Jammer voor Laura dat ze 'maar' vierde was, maar alleen al het feit dat we zoiets zeggen, bewijst hoe geweldig goed ze niet is! ;)