Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well I'll be darned!

‘Daughter pregnant by sperm in swimming pool'

TOURISM: The 10 craziest complaints of the year
Too many Germans in the hotel, sperm in the pool or a snoring neighbor. More and more tourists file complaints and go to court after they spent their vacation abroad. They ask for some kind of compensation. But are they right or are they just way too demanding? Make up your own opinion on who's entitled to some kind of compensation and who's not.
1 A Dutchmen who had booked an all inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic, filed a complaint about the color of the all inclusive bracelets. He associated the pink bracelets with gay people and he refused to wear one.
2 A German tourist complained about the Islamic prayers she heard from the speakers in a Moroccan town. The judge overruled the complaint instantly.

3 A German couple thought it was not done for locals to get a suntan on "their" beach in Mauritius. Complaint overruled. A British tourist did receive some kind of compensation because there were too many noisy Germans in his hotel.

4 The hotel receptionist handed the bill to this family, which they refused to pay. They said they were not going to pay for pay TV, since they had not watched it.. They had better asked their teen son first, who thought porn was pretty interesting..

5 A New Delhi traveller complained that the beach was too far away from his hotel. A little strange, since the capital city is like 1000 kilometres away from the beach.. Go figure!

6 A French tourist on a safari in Kenya said it was unheard of, that the locals didn't speak his language and that the roads were too.. sandy...

7 Room description in the travel agency brochure lead to a conflict between the agency and the customer. The description of the room was: double, bath, toilet, terrace. The customer thought he was going to have two bath tubs in his room..

8 A Dutch family gave the extra bill for moving to another resort to their travel agent. They kind of forgot to mention the reason they had switched to a different hotel. Their daughter had shared her bed with nearly every staff member. Many of them got fired afterwards and the family was too embarrassed to stay in that same hotel.

9 After having spent her holiday in Egypt, a young Polish woman came home, pregnant. Her mother was outraged when she took it to court. The daughter had said the pool was infected with sperm, and that's how she got pregnant. I suppose the judge had a good laugh over this one!

10 On his way to South Africa, a tourist couldn't go to sleep, because of the snoring sounds produced by his neighbor. He asked for some sort of compensation, which he didn't get. Having a seat in business class doesn't mean nobody will snore.

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