Sunday, November 29, 2009

Then we take Berlin

I'm so sorry we are not going to be there with you, in Berlin. We have already gone to so many places together, over the 10 years we have known each other. Think of London - UK, Scheveningen - Nl, Roermond - Nl, Aachen - DE, Dortmund - DE, Maastricht - NL, Utrecht - NL, Nijmegen - NL,.. It's always a pleasure to go out with the Goose Gang! I'm a little jealous now, because all of you will be celebrating the birthday of our own Queen Mom. She's such a lucky lady, to have you as her sons. You all take care of her in the best manner possible. She's adorable and I respect her very much. She's a wise lady and she's very entertaining. It's great to see how good she takes care of herself. Her hair is always well cut, her make up neat and clean, her dresses are handmade and unique. She may be small of height, but she's a grand dame.

I wish you all a very good week in Berlin. Enjoy each other and don't forget to tell us all the juicy stories!!! And I want to see many pictures when we meet up to go to Scheveningen next month.

And mom: have a very, very happy birthday! Love from Kaprijke! xxx

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