Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are family!

Our youngest daughter and her friends from boarding school, have entered a radio contest. The winner was promised a very special dance party at their boarding school, with a well known DJ and lots of fun. It was very nerve wrecking to see whether they would make the finals or not. And they did!!! Last night they won the contest and tonight the boarding school is awaiting a superlicious one of a kind dance party!!! All 170 female students of the boarding school are all hyped up and ready to dance. As a bonus, the boarding school was promised another gift: 4 Wii appliances + a number of recent games. What a terrific price for these young girls. I'm so glad the educators and principal of her boarding school are open minded enough to let them have this kind of fun. It will be Eva's first dance party and it will be one to remember. The guest of the night will be the world famous (in Belgium) singer Sylver. She's a delight and the girls are amazed she will be singing for them tonight. I'm happy for my little girl. She doesn't get to spend that much time at home any more, but she's more than happy with her new family in boarding school. Loads of sisters to play with and cuddles to give to. They are just one big happy family..

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