Monday, December 7, 2009

Déjà vu

I have them all the time. Déjà vu's, I mean. Don't you? At so many occasions, I hear people say things and I think: I have heard this before. Sometimes I can even predict the next sentence in a conversation we are having. Or sometimes I end up in some place I'm pretty sure I have never been to before. But still and again, I think: I was here before and this is what happened at this exact spot, mostly at another time period in life.
Is it intuition? Or have I really experienced these happenings before? I don't know. I believe these things do happen. I believe we have lived previous lives and we live multiple lives at the same time. My family makes fun of me and they ask me what scene of the play I'm living in at this very own moment. I let them have their laugh. That's okay. But I know. I know I have had multiple lives and this is not our only life on this earth..

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