Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sleep is good for you

We all need a good night rest, don't we? I don't go to bed that early, although I am tired and I could use some extra sleep. I have an insulin pump with CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring). Every once in a while, the pump wakes me up because of some alarm telling me my blood glucose is high or low. It's an annoying beep and that's what it is. It's supposed to be annoying, it wouldn't wake you otherwise. I have the choice between the beep and a vibrating noise. That is not an option, because it doesn't wake me. So there's the beep of the CGM and there's the snoring. Apparently my snoring is pretty bad. Not that I'm aware of it, but it bothers my husband that much, that it's disturbing his sleep. I try to be as quiet as possible. Whenever my CGM alarm wakes me, I try to solve the problem as fast as I can. I don't turn on the light to determine my blood glucose, using the light on my insulin pump to read the number on my glucose meter. I really try to be as quiet as possible, so I won't wake anyone. I don't have a good night rest, because of the alarms, because of the rollercoaster in my blood glucose and the snoring.

Yesterday, I went to Ikea with the girls, to pick out a single bed. We also bought a duvet, new bedcovers, soft and fluffy pillows, a night stand, some decoration, .. so I can decorate my own bedroom. My father-in-law will come over in some weeks, to paint the room and put new carpet in. I'm looking forward to that. It's rather exciting to have my own room again. I hear many married couples have separate rooms and we are no different. I'm getting used to it, since I have slept all by myself for nearly two weeks now. I can go to bed whenever I feel like it, without disturbing anyone. I can prick my fingers as many times as I want with the light on, without waking anyone. I can snore as loud as I want, without annoying anyone. It makes me feel less guilty about ruining someone else's night rest. I thought I would never get used to sleeping in a single bed again, but it's not that bad after all..


Upje said...

Proficiat met je eigen bed, meisje ;). Het is er nog snel van gekomen. Goed zo! :)

Bittersweet said...

En nu maar hopen dat ik er vannacht niet doorzak hè!