Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Hound

My sweet Rebba, you are such a Happy Hound! You are amazing and I love you to pieces..

It's sheer magic when you have been home alone and someone comes home after work or school or just an outing. You go bananas and if only you could smile, you would have the broadest smile ever! Your tail wags and you jump up and down on the couch as if you want to say: I'm so happy to see you!!!! You are a typical sighthound Rebba. I love the way you hide your head underneath your paws or the way you lay down like a camel near the fire place.
There's only one negative point: you are a little thief.. You love to sneak into the kitchen and grab whatever the corner of your eye catches. You then race to the living room, to hop onto the couch and munch on your little treasure. Sometimes you even steal meat from a pan on the stove. You know, the other day, I was making fresh pasta for our guests. That pasta was drying to be cooked afterwards. I should've known better.. Of course you came running into the living room, strands of pasta on either side of your mouth. You little rascal! I shouldn't laugh when you do things like that, but you're just such a comedian. You know better, I know you do. The guilty look on your face is so obvious.
You have done so well at night, sleeping in your bench or on the couch. But the last couple of days, you started to pee in the house. So we lock you up again, either in your bench or in the bathroom downstairs. First time I put you in the bathroom, you cried like a wolf for half an hour. And then you stopped and I thought: she got it.. NOT! when we came downstairs the next morning, you were laying on the couch, hiding your head underneath your paws as if you were saying: I'm not here!!!! How you opened the bathroom door, is still a mystery to me. Did Arthur help you??

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