Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Hour

Yesterday I had a lunch date with two wonderful women I have met through the diabetesforum I frequent. We tried to find a meeting point somewhere central and this time it was Gent. I was supposed to take the train, just like the other two did, but I wanted to cheat.. I'm just not a public transport - person. I need my car. I'm nowhere without it. I don't like to pass control to some public transportation, not knowing if it will bring me where I want to be. I like to be in control. But hey, I did it! I took the train and it wasn't that bad after all. In fact, it was a smart move, since the restaurant was so close to the railway station. I'm sure if I had taken my car, I would have been forced to park it so far away from the restaurant, that it would have been a waste of time and gas and parking fee.
So we met for lunch at Café Parti and we chitchatted. What a great place to meet for lunch. A very exciting and interesting menu to choose from. There was such a variety of delightful dishes that I decided to have two appetizers! The first one was Grilled Eggplant with Parmesan, rocket and extra virgin olive oil. What a wonderful dish that was! My second appetizer was Fresh Tuna Tartar with ginger, seaweed salad and a wasabi dressing. You didn't think we were going to leave without dessert, did you? I had a Sweet Springroll of filo dough, filled with chocolate and honey, accompanied by roasted nuts and frangipane ice cream. And of course, I finished that off with a good glass of Latte Macchiato.. My blood glucose wasn't that much out of range and I had a superb lunch!

It is always exciting to meet forum members and especially these two. We get along real well. We take advice from one another and we laugh a lot.
Thank you ladies, for making my day!

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