Friday, December 11, 2009

In a minute

Having a household is something special. You're always busy, running around, doing whatever needs to be done. The children ask this and that, while you keep doing whatever you're doing. You keep telling them: in a minute! You promise them you'll come and see what they are up to. But then you think of the laundry that needs to be washed and the letter that needs a stamp so it can be mailed in time. Then they ask you again and once again, you tell them: in a minute!!! You know you should check on them first, but you also want to make the beds and clean the fishtank. And once you're ready to sit down and listen to the children, they have grown up.. They no longer need you. They no longer ask you to come sit down with them. You regret those "in a minute" lines. It's never too late for regrets. Laundry can wait. Children can't. They grow up before you know it. Take your time and pick your priorities. It's worth it..

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