Monday, December 14, 2009

It's all so quiet

It's so quiet in the house, since you've left for boarding school. I always look forward to Friday evenings, when I get to pick you up in Bruges. We talk on the phone every night, about the little things that happened that day, but it's different. I can't see you when we call, I can't hold you or give you a cuddle. You're not even that far away. But still, it's not the same.
So yes, I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays. You'll be home for 2 weeks and we'll be able to enjoy one another. How about that?
I know you miss us and you miss our pets. You haven't seen Rebba as much as we have. You love to pet her and she's so happy with your one on one attention. Maybe we should take Rebba on a walk, just you and me. So we can have a good conversation. Because I'm sure we still miss out a lot.
I see you do well though. You love your school and you're a popular kid. The teachers love you as well. Did I tell you how goodlooking you are in your school uniform? It does look great on you and even you are happy with it.
You have two new roommates: Adam and Eve. They are goldfish and you get to keep them in your room in Bruges. They were given to you by a class mate, as an early Christmas present. I'm sure you'll take good care of them. It's good to have this kind of responsibility over a pet. And you will do just fine.
I miss you sweetie. I'm looking forward to some mommy-daughter-time.

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