Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nourishment or nurture?

We eat to feed our body. Sometimes we eat to feed our heart. That's when we start to eat for the wrong reasons.
Food shouldn't be a substitute for love or attention or whatever you eat it for as nurture. But it happens. We are not always aware of it, but if you think it over, you may be surprised. For example: whenever our children come home with their school reports, we go out for dinner to celebrate. I thought about it the other day. Is it okay to celebrate with food? Or am I teaching my children to nurture themselves with food? It startles me how many times we treat ourselves with dinner to celebrate one or another event. It's comforting to eat a good meal or enjoy a delicate dish. But it is as comforting to get a compliment or a tap on the shoulder for whatever we have done right.
Do you ever treat yourself with a bar of chocolate when you feel blue? Do you have a glass of wine when you are sad? Or do you eat crisps to eat away your sorrows? Maybe you have an eating disorder. Maybe you are not happy and you're eating to compensate for what you miss out on.

Nourishment or nurture? Something to think about..


Ons Kookboek said...

As long as you know why you are eating...

Chocolate is great agaist the blues, but know what you eat: pure chocolat will get you back on track fast. Cookies with chocolat hardly add any chocolat to your system but do add all the other stuff your body isn't craving for in the first place.

Bittersweet said...

Good point Stef.