Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WWW or ..

What Women Want..
If you think women want nothing but expensive jewellery, a fancy car or designer shoes, you're misinformed. The only thing women really want, is time for themselves..

We live in such a hectic society and women are running around like crazy, trying to do as much as possible to help the world go around. Yes, there's a tendency that men help out more and more, but still, women do most of the household chores, they take care of the children and school, they prepare lunches and dinners and clear out the dishwasher. They shop for the entire household, they drive their kids to all their activities and they organize perfect birthday parties for the offspring.

The chores women are still doing, are mostly chores that cannot be delayed. Manly chores, like cutting the hedge, painting a wall or washing the cars are not that urgent that they need to be done on a weekly basis. Imagine the clothes not being washed or ironed, the fridge not being filled, the kids not being brought to school. There's this constant pressure that makes women want to slow down, but doesn't allow them to. Women still do a lot of thinking and organizing in the household as well. Do men ever think of what to serve at the next family dinner? Do they have any idea how much time it takes to run errands before you can have friends over for Sunday lunch? Do they even appreciate it?

It's strange that many men have their own space in the house. Or they have the garage, a shed, an office or a work out room to call theirs. Even the toilet is private. Not to a woman... try the toilet and your kids will accompany you in an instant. Women don't have a place of their own in the house, unless it is called: the kitchen! Do we need to say more? That's why wellness centres do so well. Women need to relax and forget about the household. What could be a better place, than a spa, to have a talk with their friends and discuss their lives.. Don't be surprised if your wife tells you to back off and leave her alone. She might need some private time..


Ons Kookboek said...

I would keep the story but change the title in "what stay at home moms really want" ... try to delegate and I know, that's easier said than done.

Oprah would say: make sure you have some "you time", no matter what.

Bittersweet said...

hmhmhmhm... I don't know. This is not really about stay at home - moms. I have been a stay at home mom and I have been a working mom and now I'm in between. Either way, as a woman, you always seem to lack time and energy to cope with all the chores that need to be done. Oprah is absolutely right when she wants us to have "you time" no matter what. I think it's our education that taught us we had to serve our husband and our family, before we think of ourselves. As a mother, you always come last. I hope I can teach my daughters that they matter enough to take time for themselves..

Ons Kookboek said...

Ok, seems I was only half right. Try to do less or to delegate.

Teach your kids and anybody else by example Cathy :-)

Bittersweet said...

I think we should have more discussions Stef! lol