Thursday, December 24, 2009

What did you expect?

You didn't think I was going to blog tonight did you? What did you expect? It is Christmas Eve after all. I'm having a wonderful time with the inlaws and the other grandchildren. No time for the Internet. Sorry guys! Enjoy your evening, just like I will enjoy mine.

My special attention goes out to some people in particular tonight:
I think of a very fine man, who is affected by cancer and is very courageous. I wish a very special Christmas for him and his precious family..
I think of a young single mom by choice, who is about to celebrate Christmas with her baby for the first time..
I think of my sister-and-law and her family, because they lost their brother-in-law 3 years ago in the Holiday season. He left behind a wife and two precious little girls..
I think of all the lonely people out there, who have nobody to celebrate Christmas with.. hang in there..

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