Friday, December 25, 2009

Top Models

You are a true artist. Even though you went to drawing school for only one year, you are very good at crafts, drawing, painting. Your favorite pastime nowadays, is designing clothes for your Top Models. It's a huge hit in your school and all your friends have Top Models Drawing Books. The naked models are printed in the book and your task is to design clothes for them. Most of the time you use colored pencils to draw their outfits, but you could also use markers, stickers, paint, fabric,.. You must have drawn over 100 models by now and each one of them is totally different. The way you do their hair, the make up, their clothes, shoes,.. We give you hints or you roam around the dresser to get ideas. Sometimes you browse fashion magazines or you come up with your own creations. Anyway, I'm proud of the way you keep yourself busy. You say you would want to work as a creator or a fashionista or a designer. You definitely have the talent and the will power. And in the meantime, you are being very creative! Maybe you should start to figure out a name for your own designer's label?

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