Friday, January 22, 2010

As blind as a bat

Some men are so blind.. They have a beautiful wife, great kids, a lovely home, a good job.. Is it their instinct that makes them glance at other women? Is it age? Is it insecurity that makes them want another woman to pay attention to them and praise them for their masculinity? Or are men hunters by nature?

I listen to my lady friends. I hear about their men no longer noticing their wives. It's nothing new. This behavior has existed for ever. The first excuse couples have, is that they have no time for each other. Ask any man with an affair, how much time he spends on his mistress.. right.. Lame excuse.. All of a sudden, it's no problem to skip sports classes or a drink with the mates. They don't mind doing groceries, if that gives them the chance to make a phone call to the miss(tr)es. Isn't it sad, that they are not prepared to take the day off to spend a great day with you, if you hear how many days off they took to rush to the mistress..

But I agree: a mistress doesn't nag about dirty socks on the bathroom floor. She doesn't bother him with stories about the children's mischief. She doesn't care if the only thing he does around the house, is lift his feet when his wife hoovers around him. The other woman is there for good times. She's there to pamper him and give him what he needs.. I don't think I need to say what he needs.. That's pretty obvious.

Do you think those men ever wonder how their wives feel? Would they realise the wives may be bored too? Maybe the wives could use some extra attention as well. A happy wife makes happy husbands. If only men could see that. Some extra attention during the day, an unexpected bunch of flowers, a sassy text message at work, a surprise evening out without the kids.. it may all lead to what made them look for a mistress in the first place.

Life is complicated. It really is.. Maybe us women should buy our own pillow like the one on the picture. It gives us a hug and a shoulder whenever we need one.

Men think only they are entitled to sexual needs. Well guess what: you are not the only one! Maybe women should have a lover too. To experience what their men enjoy, while their wives are cooking dinner and putting their husband's meal in the oven for him to eat when he comes home.
Maybe women would also enjoy the alone time with a lover, without kids hassling them. Time with a man who adores them, who compliments them, who talks with them and surprises them. Time with a man who worships the floor they walk on, who notices their new hairdo, who is excited about their fancy shoes...
The knife cuts both ways..