Friday, January 22, 2010

What I couldn't do without..

We have access to all the luxury available and we have no financial problems. I can buy what I want and we don't have to ask ourselves if we have money left to buy the essentials. But not one of these material items can replace good friends. So the title of my topic should be: who I couldn't do without..

Today is a I'm-going-to-meet-a-friend-day. I have been looking forward to today for more than a month. It'll do us good to go out for the day, to let our thoughts drift off in the air. We understand each other without words, but we talk and talk and talk until we run out of time. And then we are not yet satisfied. Girlz..

I'll pick you up in an hour. Get ready. I'll bring some munchies. Made a dozen of English muffins for you and some ricotta pastizzi. Make sure you have an extra hug for me. That's all I need. And I'm sure you're looking forward to one too.

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