Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beware of the whippet

It's hilarious! The two of you are racing around on the couch! You are trying to tame the little rascal, but she's just too energetic for you. You stand over her, but she's so tiny she can escape from your prison legs in no time. You give each other friendly bites and Inthe has the nerve to bark at you! You are not impressed at all and you scold her in dog language. Yesterday she was not big enough to jump on the couch herself, but she must have grown overnight. It doesn't even take an effort now to follow you all around the house. No more safe spots for you Rebba..

We went for a little walk in the garden. Haha! It's so funny to see this little twit discovering all bushes and shrubs. She goes absolutely mad! But that's exactly what you did on your first day in our home, Rebba. You've calmed down a lot since.

It's too cold for Inthe to go for a walk in town. She would need pyjamas or at least a little sweater. It'll take some time to raise her, but we'll get there Rebba, we'll get there. She won't be this energetic forever, I promise..

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