Thursday, January 28, 2010

You freaked me out!

You had no idea why the principal called you late at night, to come to the conference room in the hallway of your school. She said your mom was there. She said you were going to be punished for something you did.. My poor girl.. there was no such thing as a punishment. Your sister and I were there to surprise you! We came over to show Inthe to you! You should've seen the look on your face when you entered the room: all terrified! We probably freaked you out! It took you an instant to realize why we were there.
But then you saw her and you fell in love instantly. Inthe loved you too. She was really relaxed and at ease, in this old school of yours. You picked her up carefully, while you dropped your coat on a chair. You stuck your nose into her fur and sniffed her puppy smell. You held her ears between your fingers and kissed her neck. You were so happy that we came over to show our new puppy to you. Of course you had seen her before, because you had picked her out of a nest of 6. But still, she had changed over the following weeks and you had only seen her once.

We were a little scared that Inthe might want to poop on the antique carpet, so we didn't put her down. We were looking for a flower pot, just in case she needed to pee badly. Lolz.. just imagine!
You called your two friends in, and they were as amazed as you were. They all loved little Inthe. But who wouldn't? She's adorable. And so are you!

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