Monday, January 4, 2010

Doing the right thing

I'm puzzled. Don't know what to do. My lower back is killing me and the pain is going all the way to my shoulders and the left side of my neck. I'm going to see the physiotherapist this afternoon. I'm still on pain relievers and I feel that's not always doing me good. Because you tend to do more if you're not in pain with the chance to overdo it.
I'm afraid I will have to quit my job. Pushing a wheel chair and lifting it in and out of the car, is not particularly the best thing to do if you have health issues. I always think I will conquer the world and I can do anything. But sometimes you need to listen to your body. And my body is telling me to stop. l still believe I got diabetes because I ignored my body's signals. I didn't listen to the warnings my body was giving me. It took me 8 months to figure out I had diabetes. Maybe I should've listened better. We're not invincible. I'm not invincible.
I hate the word "unemployed". It doesn't suit me. I like to be busy and feel useful. I like to be needed. My back is forcing me though to take it easy and rest. There's not much else I can do right now. I feel guilty that Hubby needs to jump in and take over. I feel lazy. Maybe I should bear the pain and get up and do something? Although people keep telling me not to.. It's hard. It's so not me.

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