Monday, January 4, 2010

Say Aah

I had an encounter with the physiotherapist today. She was real thorough examining my body. She punched me, pulled my back, made me bend over and stretched my legs. She found all the sore spots and there were more than we thought. Two vertebras are affected: bulging L4-L5. There is also an interscapular dysfunction, meaning there is pain underneath the shoulder blades. There are several painful spots on the backside of my ribs. The doctor suspects there might be some ruptures in my ribs. Have no idea where those came from - duh.
She's sending me to the chiropractor for massage, warmth and mobilisation. And it would be better for me to find another job, where back problems aren't an issue.
I still need to have a full body scan and X-rays of my spine and ribs. She wants me up and going and keep on moving. So no more relaxation sessions on the couch. I have to get active and get my muscles going.

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