Sunday, January 24, 2010

Generous people

Our children have wonderful grandparents. They are very good with their grandchildren and each one of them is loved for who he or she is. It's become a habit, that grandma throws a birthday party for all of her grandchildren. She has plenty of cake to eat and candles to blow. All family members are invited and we enjoy the time together. There are cards and presents and we laugh and fool around. Grandma rocks! She is so generous and loveable and the kids love to hug her. It doesn't come as a surprise that grandma's house is the most favorite sleep over place. So every once in a while, a whole bunch of children ask grandma if they can spend the night with her. And grandma just loves to have them over. They watch movies together and grandma tells them stories about her childhood. Grandma may not be the best cook ever, talking about her cooking attempts are still a hot topic in the house. It's mainly a house full of fun and joy. And what more can a child ask for?

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