Monday, January 25, 2010

Nothing less and a whole lot more

I knew you and Rebba were going to be the perfect match! You are so adorable!!! It was pretty exciting to wait for your home coming, but you're here now and that's all that matters. You are so small, little Inthe.. I never thought we were actually going to have a puppy in this house. Especially not after we got the 3 yo Rebba first. We have talked about you with Rebba in the previous weeks. She's used to your name by now and I'm pretty sure she'll get used to you pretty soon. The two of you will make good friends and you will enjoy each other's company.

You have met all of us, except for the youngest one. She's in boarding school and she's very sad she will have to wait a week longer before she can meet you. But I'm working out a plan, so she gets to see you this Wednesday. I'll ask the principal of her boarding school, if she would allow us to surprise her with a visit on Wednesday.

Sweet little Inthe, you are nothing less and a whole lot more. We love you already!

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