Monday, January 18, 2010

Medical Miracles

A wonderful breakthrough for all diabetics, but especially type 1 diabetics: the artificial pancreas. Being a type 1 diabetic myself, this is the ultimate dream... just imagine, living your life like a person with a working pancreas. I can't remember what that was like, but it sounds heavenly. No more poking your fingers 6 - 8 times a day , no more changing catheters or insulin cartridges. No longer worrying about hypo or hyperglycaemia. No more counting carbs, no more worrying about having an extra bite for some extra activity. Wow..

Some people get the chance to test this new device at Hope Hospital, LA. A sensor attached to the abdomen, monitors the blood glucose level constantly (that's the sensor I'm wearing full time but is not covered by insurance yet), sending the information to a computer programme, which determines how much insulin is delivered through her insulin pump.

The device could be available in the next 5 - 10 years. That means there's a good chance I could still enjoy a life without the diabetes hassle. Nice!


Upje said...

Denk je dat het kh tellen ook afgeschaft zou worden? Dat ding kan toch nooit van zijn leven 'ruiken' wat jij naar binnen werkt?

Bittersweet said...

Ik denk dat je mag rekenen op een pancreas die een echte pancreas volledig nabootst: insuline vrijgeven om de zoveel minuten en meer naargelang de koolhydraten die binnenkomen, rekening houdend met de suikerwaarden van dat moment.