Monday, January 18, 2010

Forbidden fruits

He was about to get married to a beautiful young woman. He was totally mad about her. She had a younger sister.. a very cute girl, with a small waistline. The sister would never wear a bra and she would flirt with him on occasions. He was a man after all and the attention flattered him.
A couple of weeks before the wedding day, his sister-in-law invited him over. She wanted to go through the wedding invitations with him. He was hesitant at first, but the thought of this attractive young girl was too appealing not to go. As soon as he entered her house, the girl started to flirt with him. She was teasing him and telling him how handsome he were. She told him she had been longing for him. She was there for him, if he felt the need.. She slowly went up the stairs, wiggling her hips. Her bum looked great in that mini skirt.. She bent over and dropped her panties.. He was all sweaty and his heart beat went up. But he turned on his heels and ran out the door.. to see his inlaws in front of the house, congratulating him for resisting the temptation. His soon to be bride was over the moon that he had not given in on her sister..

Moral of the story: always keep your condoms in your car..

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