Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A partner instead of a judge

You are a very warm and giving person. Helping out whenever you can. Standing by your best friend's side on a daily basis. Whenever a friend needs you, you're there. You are the least selfish person I have ever met. Always standby for people in need. You have only one flaw: you forget to take care of yourself.. You've never put yourself first. Your children and beloved ones come first and all good things you do in life, are meant for someone else. It never crosses your mind to ask for something in return. The help you offer is your immediate gratification.

Maybe it's time to think about you now. It's okay, there's nothing selfish about it. You deserve to treat yourself in the best way possible. You need a partner instead of a judge. Nobody needs to dictate your life. If someone knows what she wants out of life, it's you. You have been degraded just once too often. I can't believe someone has the nerve to pull you down and make you feel bad about yourself. All you do, is done out of love. What better motive can one have to live their life the best way possible?

I like to hang out with you. We have fun and we laugh a lot. I love to see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about your children. It hurts me to see tears when you sob about pain and suffering in the lives of your loved ones. Did you know your heart's in the right place? Has anyone ever told you? You deserve to be loved by someone who can value you for the person you are. Because you are rare and unique and many people should look a little more after you.

Take your time. Hard times are coming up. You will need your friends. Ask for help when needed, don't be afraid. It will be an emotional journey. Just remember, you can ask friends to join you on your way..

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