Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two is better than one

On November 29 2009, a new nest of whippet puppies was born. We were invited to go see them. Hubby has already talked about getting a friend for Rebba. Another whippet for her, to play with. I'm sure she would love that. And so would we.
So the children and I drove to Holland, to pay a visit to Rebba's family. We were welcomed by her people parents and her real dog parents, Maisie and Milo. All of Rebba's friends were there to welcome her. She felt at home right away.
And there they were: 6 adorable female puppies.. You hold those little, warm bodies against you and your heart just melts. They smell wonderful and they are just so cute! Rebba liked them too! Our youngest daughter has picked the one she liked the best. We're not sure yet, if we will get her or not. It's not up to us. The people parents will decide which dog will go live with which family. She has a good eye and she knows about whippets. You don't choose one. They choose you!
So maybe, just maybe, we'll have a puppy by February 1st. I'm thrilled!!


Upje said...

Die ene waar Eva mee op de foto stond, vond ik ook de mooiste/schattigste!! Ik duim ... ;)

Bittersweet said...

we zijn niet meer helemaal zeker of dit het hondje was waar wij onze ogen op gezet hadden. Maar het hondje hier is hetzelfde als dat waarmee Eva ook op de foto staat. Spannend hoor!