Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud as a peacock

Hey Kiddo!

you turned 8 today. You are a very smart little girl and I have a lot of fun being around you. You are so wise for your age and you are witty! What makes you even more special, is that you have diabetes, just like your daddy and some of your and mommies friends. And you do so well dealing with that. We should all be a little more like you: take it or leave it!

In May, you are going to get a new insulin pump. It'll be a change for you, because you have been used to your pump forever. But you're smart Kiddo and you'll figure it out real quick. It won't have any secrets for you. You know how to bolus and you prick your own fingers to determine your blood glucose. You take it as an adult: without tears or moaning. I'm so proud of you! By no means are you a wimp.

Have a very happy birthday Kiddo! You rock!

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