Wednesday, April 28, 2010

According to you

According to you, young boys can not be molested. You say it's just not possible, anatomically. You agree that little girls can be abused, but not boys. You wouldn't even know how a boy could be molested. And certainly not by a bishop! You say people badmouth the bishop for sending a young boy to the store to get buttermilk. I have no idea who told you that, but to me, it feels like you want to protect this man and condemn the child. I know you are very dedicated to God and I know you are convinced God will forgive the bishop if he has really done something inappropriate. God will forgive the bishop??? How about the child??? Who will heal the child??? You say the child must have asked for it, if it really happened.. I was gobsmacked when I heard you say that. Disbelief.. I know it's your upbringing. I know it's your belief in God. But that's just not good enough this time.

There's another scandal in our little country. A bishop is being accused of having molested his young nephew for a certain amount of time. The nephew asked for a conversation with his bishop-uncle and their family and the cardinal. They talked about the abuse and the bishop fully confessed. But nothing happened. The bishop didn't want the abuse to go public. But that was not up to him. The nephew stepped forward and told the world about what his uncle did to him as a young boy.. It is sad. It's really sad.. Here's another religious person who cannot sexually stay away from young children. Several people knew about the abuse. Some of them told church leaders. Did church react? Did they scold the bishop? No, they didn't.

More and more people are stepping forward. So many children - male and female - have been molested by priests, by religious leaders. For so many years, they were afraid to speak up for themselves. And now it may be too late. Because the molester can not be prosecuted if the abuse happened over ten years ago. That is just ridiculous! They don't think about the abused child. They only think about their religious leaders, who will keep their title, who will still be paid their salary, who will still live a free life. It's not right. It just isn't right..

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