Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I had a car with an attitude. It was kinda like driving Herbie. I loved that car, trust me! It was great driving this convertible for 2.5 years. But every now and then, it stood me up. I was lucky I never had to pay to have it fixed, because the warranty covered all of it.

On our way to our friends, we were stuck in a traffic jam. I hate it when that happens.. You leave in time, to end up getting late. But that was not the problem. My car got overheated! White smoke came out of the hood and the car smelled terribly burnt. Shoot.. Now what...
I called my garage right away. They told me to contact Mitsubishi Assistance, so we did. They towed the car to the nearest garage, to be checked and fixed. Is it a surprise to you, that they said there was no problem? They had 3 days to check the car, but all they could say, was that our car was fine. Nothing wrong with it.. Right.. How can a car have that terrible burned smell if nothing's wrong with it??

Anyway, we left for Scheveningen. One of our friends didn't come along this time and guess what he did? He went car shopping for me. Can you believe that? He bargained and made deals. So when we came home from our trip to Holland, a brandnew car was awaiting me in the garage of his choice - Cardoen Dendermonde..
All we had to do, was trade my car for the new one. Hubby signed the papers and agreed on the price. We contacted the bank on Monday and I'll pick up the car tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to driving this monster: Ssangyong Actyon Elite SUV! Space black, leather interior, fully equipped.

In the meantime, I have asked my own car shop to check out the convertible. They found the problem in no time: seems like the fan was totally blocked. How obvious.. still can't grasp the fact that the other mechanics couldn't figure that out.. Just imagine me driving that car again and ruining the engine.. A new piece has been ordered to replace the broken fan. Joy oh joy.
Let's hope the transaction will go smoothly. I'm convinced that the person who will buy my convertible, will have a great time driving it. And I'm very happy to have a bigger car, so the dogs will have a place of their own in the trunk and the girls no longer have to hold them in their laps..

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